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for the record...

memories are the mind's banal myths.

i lost my entire bio to livejournal.com! fuckers! just cos i say i'm 1 years old, doesn't mean i'm a motherfucking minor... i'm so pissed...

i'm a newly minted woman... in the sense that i'm a lady just coming into her own and feeling like she's got a good grasp of who she is and what she stands for... well, you know... trying to be the adult i know i can be... more and more i think being an adult is all about losing all sorts of dignity in the pursuit of knowledge... if that makes any sense...

i'm just another disillusioned generation "X"er... defying labels and still wanting to fit in and be called something merely so i can be accepted... i'm a wordsmith, a human being, a scholar in training... i like to think many things about myself... but just cos i say i'm one thing doesn't mean i'm that... so i'll leave it up to you to really know who i am... many things have changed my life... i have been shaped by unseen forces beyond my power... as we all have... i have a talent for rambling... but i have a voice of my own... and i hope it's unique enough to display who i really am... words hold an indescribable but no less potently awesome power that i could never truly define... i just want to find the right words to convey to those that matter all that i am...

myspace whores unite!
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